BAMBINO Tiipii 100cm
BAMBINO Tiipii 100cm
BAMBINO Tiipii 100cm
BAMBINO Tiipii 100cm

BAMBINO Tiipii 100cm

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Size 100cm 

Includes a sheer canopy

The irresistibly cute Bambino TiiPii Bed is beautifully suited to both the indoors and the out. It's the perfectly proportioned play haven for the smallest members of the family, providing a cosy snug for them to escape into with a book, a friend or their favourite toys.  A great addition to any playroom, with the benefit of being lightweight and transportable enough to bring out to the garden in summer time or away with you on holiday.

Simply assembled like all other TiiPii's, the Bambino can be used as a chill out space within any nursery,children's bedroom, or as the ultimate outdoor nest to play and relax in. Featuring the same open design as the adult version, it allows children to experience the relaxing sensation of floating just above the ground giving them a space for inspiration, creativity and IMAGINATION 

Easily assembled in 5-10 minutes and packs down just as quickly to allow you the freedom of a truly nomadic lifestyle.



  • Holds up to 50kgs
  • Assembled simply by 1-2 people
  • Compacts down into small canvas carry bags
  • Water Resistant,Anti-Mould & Anti-UV
  • Suitable for indoor and light outdoor use
  • Machine Washable
  • Can be used with stand or free hung from an alternatively safe position.