ARTZ Card “Friendly Gathering”
ARTZ Card “Friendly Gathering”

ARTZ Card “Friendly Gathering”

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Gift a CARD and Frame it as ART ... NEW ARTZ Cards Excusive to The OLDE Farm Store 

A selection of quality cards complete with envelope which are individually packed in a cellophane sleeve for presentation and protection.

Designed and Painted by the Award winning artist Lynn Wilkinson in the UK, who has obtained a BA honours Degree in Painting and Printmaking 

her animal portraits have an uncanny ability to engage the viewer. Regardless of
subject matter her pictures are saturated with vivid colours and created with vigorous, uninhibited brush strokes. In many
of the paintings, the animals stare out of the canvas so intently that the you cannot help but return their gaze and, in
effect, become part of the composition"

Compile together to create a story or start Collecting just for yourself 

Size 25cm x 15cm